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Welcome to Earth!

If you’ve been noticing both your hair and the number of showers you want to take in a day increasing, you’re feeling the effects of our current mini season – Late Summer – ruled by the Earth element. This shorter season is recognized by Chinese Medicine as starting from approximately the third week in August through the Fall Equinox. It’s characterized by everything from full gardens to farmer’s markets and even the humidity being in full bloom.

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Just Be Cool

If you’re in New York City like us, then you know the past few days have been intense. Even with the thunderstorm the other day (which I don’t think anyone planned for), the heat just will not give us a break! But no matter where we are, we need some easy steps to take care of ourselves to survive through the end of the summer. 

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This is Fine...

In today’s world of uncertainty and chaos with regards to politics, insurance, education, environmental issues and even knowing how long it’ll take you to get to work most days; how do you tell busy people that adding something else into their already maxed out schedule is really in their best interest? Especially when that thing entails a person sticking you with needles?

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