Breanna M.

26, Brooklyn

Having never done acupuncture before, I was a bit hesitant to begin treatments. Kristin was calm, patient and informative. She gently guided me through the blissful experience. Throughout our sessions, I began to feel more open and mindful, integrating my spiritual practice with my monthly visits with Ms. Cash. If you are looking for a transformative experience in both your mind, body and soul, I strongly suggest taking the time for yourself and scheduling a visit at Sanctuary. 

Leslie K.

48, Hamptons

I have suffered from migraine headaches my entire life. My average was 12 per month and at least once a month the pain was bad enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. I've been fired from jobs, missed opportunities, celebrations and important events. I've tried every over the counter pain reliever and prescription except Botox and they either do their job of eliminating the pain for as long as it takes to build a tolerance or simply mask the pain. All of these are designed to treat the symptoms, not the cause. I'm happy to say I have the solution! Two months ago I began acupuncture treatments with Heather Bluemel. The frequency of occurrence has been cut by three quarters and as I continue I know they will continue to decrease. Heather is treating the cause of migraines and is the BOMB! If you're in the Hamptons or NYC area you should absolutely reach out to her.

Sabrina S.

34, Manhattan

I have been a patient of Sarah's for over a year now, and treatments continue to help me not only with specific pain points, but more importantly, overall wellness. Her practice provides the support(s) needed to shift everything from mindset regarding your needs and how to focus on yourself, to the expert techniques and knowledge to truly heal your body, mind, and spirit. At the beginning of each session, she actively listens and asks open-ended questions prior to making any assessments, which are confidential, building a trusting and relaxed environment for your treatments. Every visit is positioned as a building block, which has allowed me to embrace the practice. Thank you, Sarah!

Russell C.

60, Manhattan

I want to thank Kristin for everything she has done for my well being and my energy. I was having constant digestive issues ever since I had my gallbladder removed and I feel so much better, after getting treatments every week. I also have always had very low energy and have needed frequent naps, but I always feel a burst of energy after my treatment, that lasts all week!

Allyson S.

45, Hamptons 

To anyone in the NY area, this is your place to heal. I have had hundreds of acupuncture treatments in my time by some of the best in the biz and my girl Heather Bluemel is a natural. I've had incredible experience in her care. She is gentle and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Sanctuary to everyone!

Tracy T.

30, Manhattan

Seeing Sarah was the best decision I could have made. I'd had stomach issues due to stress for years starting when I was a teen. I'd lived with it for so long, I'd gotten used to it and didn't think it would ever go away. I was initially scared of the needles, but Sarah quickly put me at ease. The treatment is so gentle, and so powerful. It's really amazing what the body can do on it's own with a little guidance in the right direction. The stress relief and relaxation of the sessions alleviated my stomach issues while the herbal medicine provided me terrific energy. Sarah is the best!